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GBC (Gunpowder Baptist Church) has a rich history of reaching people within our rural community of Freeland, MD.  As an established church with over 210 years of ministry, our service is far from over.  It’s actually just the beginning.

Under the leadership of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we look forward to the continued building of relationships as we study God’s Word, with its relevant message for today’s culture, as the foundation for our relationships.

To God Be The Glory,
Pastor Jim McCaffrey
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What To Expect

We want you to enjoy your visit to GBC. Our desire is that you will find GBC a welcoming and friendly place to worship.
The information below will help as you plan your visit.
When are Sunday services?
The worship service begins at 10:15am each Sunday. You can expect the service to last approximately 75 minutes.
We also invite you to our Sunday school hour for all ages starting at 9:00am.
How should I dress?
You will fit in at GBC whether you are dressed up or prefer a more casual look. You will see a wide range of styles at our services.
Do you recognize guests?
During the worship service, visitors are never singled out or embarrassed.
We would love it if you would fill out a Connection Card so that we can serve and care for you effectively. We will never give away or sell your information, and we have no interest in pestering you.
What’s the music like?
Our music spans a range of styles, from hymns to southern gospel and contemporary worship songs. The songs we sing are a mixture of older and newer songs that communicate the truths of the Bible and the greatness of our God.
Am I expected to give money?
No, we do not expect visitors and guests to give!
We take an offering during the service to meet the needs of the church as well as missions work in our city, state, country and around the world. As our guest, please do not feel obligated to give!
What are the messages like?
We believe that the Bible is God’s truth. We seek to understand and apply God’s truth to our lives. Each week our pastors teach through the Bible verse by verse.
We believe the Bible is God’s message of hope and love for all people and the final authority for every area of our lives. We believe nothing is more relevant to people’s lives today than the Word of God. If you want to hear more, please check out the sermon archive.
What’s available for my kids?
Our children’s ministry offers several ways in which children can learn and be cared for during the service.
• We have several background-checked ladies who are on call to hold infants
  less than one year old in our nursery
• Right before Pastor Jim begins to speak, children ages 2 through 5 are
  dismissed for children’s church
• Of course, your children are more than welcome to stay with you for the
  whole service if you would like!
What about the Lord’s Supper?
On the last Sunday of the month, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together.
You do not have to be a member of our church to participate. If you have placed your trust in Christ alone for your salvation, you are welcome to take part in the Lord’s Supper with us.
Parents, please use your discretion in regards to your children.
How do I get there?
Our building is located at 20074 Middletown Rd, Freeland Maryland. You can get directions from your location here.
What about parking?
There is plenty of parking available in our parking lot.
Is the building wheelchair-accessible?
Yes!, the main entrance to the church is wheelchair-accessible.

Audio Sermon Archive

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