Karis House Dinner Update

Served December 7, 2013

Baltimore Rescue Mission

The Gunpowder Baptist Church women’s ministry (WINGS) provided a dinner for women and children at the Karis Home in Baltimore on December 7, 2013 @ 5 PM.  The Karis Home is in operation to provide emergency short-term help for homeless women and children.

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 We gave a tote bag to each person with personal items they can use. The tote bags were made by the Prayer Shawl Ministry. Extra food was donated to the men’s ministry at the Baltimore Rescue Mission. Future dates will be posted and we look forward to any new volunteers that may be interested in joining this outreach program!

Donations provided to fill 50 bags with the following items:

Hand Lotion

Chap Stick

Bath Soap

Wash Cloths

Shampoo – Travel size

Conditioner – Travel Size




Granola Bars

Nail Clippers


Feminine Pads

Food Served                                                         Paper Products Needed

Beef Chili                                                             Dessert Plates & Bowls

Beef Stew                                                            Napkins

Vegetarian Lasagne                                              Plastic spoons & forks

Fried Chicken                                                      Cups

Macaroni & Cheese

Fresh Steamed Green Beans

Vegetable Medley

Rice – Not instant