Making sleeping mats from plastic grocery bags for the homeless

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The mats will keep moisture away from body, create heat and be soft to sleep on.The  sleeping mats are intended for people who are less fortunate;  homeless, or people in the third world.  These crochet mats are remarkable comfortable, and offer just enough to create a barrier between the ground and the body, to help retain body heat while sleeping.  It’s no problem if the mats get wet as they can easily be dried.

The mats are also a cleaner way of sleeping. Bugs don’t like them. And when dirty, they can be easily hosed off, shaken out and be good to go again.

They are portable as well. The crochet plastic makes for a very lightweight mat. With the accompanying strap, these crochet mats can easily be carried over a homeless person’s shoulder. 

Not only are they  free to make, each  mat will keep 500-700 plastic bags out of the landfill. 

Each sleeping mat is about 2½ feet by 6 feet and can be rolled up for convenience.

Our first meeting was on September 22, 2013 from 3 PM to 7 PM, and was a big success with many volunteers and the TNT youth helping.

We need many volunteers to make this project a success, no prior crocheting experience is necessary, and people are welcome to assist with any aspect of the mat making.

We need everyone to bring clean plastic supermarket bags (400-700 per mat)
Volunteers to crochet, fold and cut bags.  Please bring a pair of scisssors and a large crochet hook (9 mm)

We will meet on Sundays from 3PM – 7 PM 

How can you serve?

·       Join us at our next meeting –

·       Learn how to cut bags into strips

·       Learn how to make yarn from strips

·       Learn how to crochet a Mat

·       Pick up bags from church and cut into strips at home

·       Pick up strips from church and make into yarn at home

·       Attend a workshop on Sunday from 3 – 7 PM